My research focuses on thecropped-EricHeadshot-7776-2.jpg relationship between political economy and the Rule of Law. I hold a PhD in political science from York University, with a specialization in international political economy and political theory. I also did a MA in Global Political Economy at the University of Sussex.

A major feature of our contemporary global political economy has been privatization. Classical state functions including regulation, the provision security, and even lawmaking are now  undertaken by private actors.

One area of privatization that has been understudied is adjudication. My dissertation, the Political Economy of Commercial Arbitration, examined the remarkable privatization of commercial dispute resolution (domestic and international). The study focused on the increasing frequency with which multinational corporations resort to arbitration tribunals to resolve conflict, and the regulatory problems that emerge therewith. I illustrated the network of political actors, judges, lobby groups and think tanks that have historically backed arbitration reform in the United States, and the political agenda they have advanced.

The social sciences rely heavily on more or less arbitrarily drawn lines of disciplinary compartmentalization. I believe we need to develop heterodox approaches to the study of social reality. I work for two organizations that have this mission as their central focus: I currently serve as managing editor for the Journal of Law and Political Economy.  I also am a member of the Association for the Promotion of Political Economy and Law (APPEAL).

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